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Shovava is a uniquely creative fashion label based in the hinterlands of Byron Bay, Australia. A fusion of hand painted artworks and high end materials and processes, the Shovava range expresses the beauty and power of transformation and becoming.

The label has it’s origins in the mid 2000’s when lead artist and designer Roza Khamitova (whose childhood nickname was Shovava, meaning cheeky & playful!) began selling her handmade and hand painted tops made from recycled men’s tees on the streets of New York.

Roza’s desire to produce unique and thoughtful pieces of wearable art resonated with other women that had also grown tired of the assembly line “cookie cutter” designs that were prolific in the fashion world. Her dedication to hunting down and re-purposing vintage men’s t-shirts into fitted, hand-painted women’s tops also resonated with an ethical stand against waste that continues today through the label’s persistent approach to using ethically sourced and sustainable materials. Through this combination of Roza’s artwork, fashion design and ethical approach to materials, the Shovava brand was born.

In 2011 Roza and her partner Afshin launched the Shovava label, showcasing designer clothing printed with Roza’s hand painted depictions of animals, plants and patterns that were inspired by the incredible beauty of nature. Roza’s acute observations of the miniscule details of nature became reflected in her obsessive and meticulous approach to image making, which has developed into the instantly recognizable and captivating style of the Shovava range.

Shovava’s breakthrough came as the label began to explore fashion accessories, notably the wildly popular Wing Scarves that captured the imagination of people from around the world, even spawning its own sub-genre on Instagram as enthusiasts replicated and improvised on the distinctive photography of Shovava. The powerful sense of transformation, freedom and individuality expressed by the Wing Scarves has become the signature presence and style of Shovava label.

In the tradition of the finest fashion houses, Shovava continues to oversee every step of the design and production of our creations.  From inspired late night experimentation and creation, to sourcing the finest materials from around the world, and to carefully watching the complex textile printing techniques employed, we ensure that our products preserve the beauty and delicacy of Roza’s inimitable designs.  Roza’s exacting and meticulous standards reflect the passion of a true artist and are a primary reason that her creations have received such overwhelming praise and appreciation from customers around the world.

Express your beauty. Explore your freedom. Transform your world.