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Shovava is a pioneering artistic fashion label based in the hinterlands of Byron Bay on the East Coast of Australia. The Shovava range is a stunning fusion of hand painted artworks by Roza Khamitova and luscious materials that express the beauty and power of transformation and freedom.
Shovava’s unique pieces of wearable art resonate with those who desire more than what is offered in mainstream fashion, and who share our dedication to the environment through thoughtful approaches to ethically sourced recycled materials and manufacturing processes. Through a combination of Roza Khamitova’s stunning artworks, elegant fashion design and our mindful approach, the Shovava brand leads the field in creativity and quality.


All of our garments begin as hand painted artworks, and are finished with highest quality processes and natural materials. With loving attention to detail and your absolute comfort in mind,  our garments feel special, look wonderful, and express your beauty and power.

Let's embrace adventure together!

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